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How Petros Stathis Changed The Picture Of Montenegro?

How Petros Stathis Changed The Picture Of Montenegro?

How Petros Stathis Changed The Picture Of Montenegro?

The Balkan area of Montenegro covered with wild mountains, breathtaking Adriatic beaches, and medieval beach villages have always attracted millions of tourists and investors. Even the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has predicted that by the next decade, Montenegro will receive a €10 billion investment from various global investors and by 2021, its tourism industry will contribute 36% to the GDP, bringing it at the top spot globally.

Realizing this vast tourism potential of Montenegro, the dynamic businessman Petros Stathis has also invested in its luxury tourism market. With a great track record in hospitality and real estate sectors, in 2008, Petros Stathis set his sight on Montenegro tourism industry and took up the most ambitious Aman Sveti Stefan project.

Today, he’s significantly contributing in the upliftment of Montenegro with various initiatives:
 Accomplishing Sustainable Infrastructure: Montenegro’s tourism sector is growing rapidly, but ‘sustainability’ is becoming a critical factor for long term success. According to Stathis , the infrastructure challenges are being met with each passing day, which is eventually benefitting the tourism industry. Also, to tackle this problem, Montenegro Authorities and various other investors are contributing to the improvement of infrastructure. The government has also approved the bid of a 30-year contract for the maintenance and management of the international airports at Tivat and Podgorica. A 100-mile highway linking the Port of Bar to Serbia is also built to connect with the remote areas of Europe.

 Tackling Environmental Issues: Petros Stathis believes that the move to a sustainable economy is the social responsibility of anyone involved in this industry. New hotel and resort developments are environmentally and socially sensitive in order to protect the country’s rich natural ecology and heritage. And, Petros Stathis’s all projects are in harmony with nature. Because of the low density, ecologically-sensitive and mixed-use developments, Aman Resort stands as the perfect example for other developers in the country.

 Lending Huge Amount Of Loan To Montenegro: Universal Capital Bank (UCB) has extended one of the largest amounts of loans to the owners of the Porto Montenegro Project. This bank has been established by Petros Stathis and is slowly becoming the ‘bank of choice’ for investors looking to invest in Montenegro and the wider region. According to Stathis, contributing to such high-quality projects set the standards for growth and benefits the country
as a whole.

 Public-private Partnership Structure: Stathis believes, as a foreign investor, the success of any project rests almost entirely on the support of the local authorities and ensuring it benefits the local community. In this regard, Petros Stathis Aman Resort serves a perfect example as a public-private partnership structure for upcoming tourism privatizations in the region. Petros Stathis and his team have worked closely with the local government throughout this project and have definitely set high-quality standards.

With all the major investments in various avenues in his kitty, Petros Stathis Net worth has definitely witnessed a huge hike. It’s all the right resources in his hand and his responsible nature that makes him capable of delivering the best in all respects- to both society and nature.

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